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Max/Logan - Dark Angel Season 1 - Out

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 This is my family, maybe you don’t know what that means. Maybe you would just run off and save your own hyde like you always do.

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get to know me meme» [2/5] Favorite Male Characters → Alec McDowell | X5-494

Max, we don’t belong here, okay? We are dangerous to them. When are you finally gonna see that?

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Favourite old tv show

Dark Angel (2000 - 2002)

They designed her to be the perfect soldier… a human weapon… then she escaped.In a future not far from now… in a broken world… she is haunted by her past.She cannot run, she must fight… to discover her destiny.

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Female Ass-Kickers Challenge 

Theme Twenty-Five:  Kicking Ass

Dark Angel ~ Tinga

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They used to say one nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day. It was sort of a joke, until the June morning those terrorist bozos whacked us with an electromagnetic pulse from 80 miles up. You always hear people yapping on how it was all different before the pulse. Land of milk and honey blah, blah, blah, blah with plenty of food and jobs and things actually worked. I was too young to remember, so, whatever… The thing I don’t get is why they call it a depression. I mean, everybody’s broke, but they aren’t really all that depressed. Life goes on.
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Say my name, and all the colors illuminate, we are shining and we’ll never be afraid again

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Max/Logan - Dark Angel Season 1 - Heat

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Dark Angel!

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