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Female Ass-Kickers Challenge 

Theme Nineteen:  Fantasy/Dream

Dark Angel ~ Max Guevara

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They wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again, so they tightened the leash. We got the worst of it, your twins. Manticore figured since we had the same basic psychological makeup as the twelve of you, we were the greatest flight risks. So they hauled us into psy-ops for evaluation… for six months. You have no idea what they put us through, do you?

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Max Being Sassy.

(Dark Angel)TV series.  

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I’m sorry, Max… for everything.

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Max: One of these days, White and his men are going to bust through that door, and you’re liable to get caught in the crossfire. 

Original Cindy: I’ll kick their asses.

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Fangirl Challenge 
TV Shows [6/10] - Dark Angel

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Logan: Put it down! Now! (Max drops the bag and slowly turns around) Lauren? Is Sophie okay? 

Lauren: Yeah, we’re okay.

Logan: Peter? 

Max: If he’s the side of beef he’s fine but give him a minute. (Logan looks down at Peter who is unconscious and then looks at the bag)

Logan: You’re a thief?  

Max: Girl’s gotta make a living. 

Logan: Thank God! 

Max: First time I ever heard that one. 

Logan: I was expecting someone else. 

Max: Guess it wasn’t the pizza delivery guy. 

Logan: We’re a little intense right now. You have good taste. French, 1920s, attributed to Chitarus.

Max: Whoever that is.

Logan: Oh. So… what, you liked it ‘cause it was shiny?

Max:No, because it’s the Egyptian goddess Bast, the goddess who comprehends all goddesses, eye of Ra, protector, avenger, destroyer, giver of life who lives forever.

Logan: Stay back Peter, security’s on its way. (Peter tries to handcuff Max but Max grabs him and slowly walks back)

Max: I’d love to hang and discuss art but I’ve gotta jet. By the way, love your show. 

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